Structural Engineering


The Wilson T. Ballard Company provides a wide variety of Structures Design Services to our clients.  These services include bridge, culvert and noise barrier design; bridge deck repair/replacement; bridge substructure and superstructure rehabilitation/repair; and rehabilitation of culverts, retaining walls, noise barriers and other structures.  Our work ranges from field investigations and preliminary reports, to final design services and consultation during construction.


Our Structural Design and Rehabilitation services include:

  • Bridge Superstructures
    • Prestressed or Reinforced Concrete
    • Steel Girders or Trusses
    • Timber structures
  • Bridge Substructures
    • Concrete
    • Prefabricated
    • MSE
    • Timber
    • Spread or Pile foundations
  • Culverts
    • Concrete and Steel Box Culverts / Pipes / Arches
    • Concrete Rigid Frames
  • Structures Ratings
    • Load carrying capacity of new and in-service bridges
    • Load posting decisions
  • Structures Rehabilitation
    • Re-lining Culverts/Pipes
    • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wraps
    • Spall and Crack Repair
    • Bearing Rehabilitation and Replacement
  • Additional Structural Engineering Services
    • Retaining wall design
    • Girder erection plans/crane layouts
    • Noise wall analysis and design
    • Transit center design


The Wilson T. Ballard Company provides services related to Bridge Condition Inspection and Evaluation for facilities maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), County and Local Governments.  Our work consists of performing NBIS condition inspections, evaluations, live load ratings, preparation of bridge inspection reports, and repair recommendations.


Our Bridge and Special Inspection services include:

  • Bridge and Culvert Inspections
    • Per NBIS standards
    • Inspection of New and In-Service Bridges
    • Report Writing
    • Repair Recommendations
  • Emergency Bridge Inspections
    • Post-flood Inspections
    • Damage Inspections
    • Heavy Load/Move inspections
  • Special Inspections
    • Confined Space
    • Railroad and Electrified Railroad Inspections
    • Coordination of Under-bridge Inspection Vehicles/Equipment
    • Fracture Critical Member Inspections
    • Interim Inspections
    • Underwater Inspections