MD 355 over Little Bennett Creek – Partnering Award for project between $5 – $10 M (MDOT SHA)

The MD 355 Project was led by John Webster who did an outstanding job meeting SHA’s ad date for this project, which was one of the governor’s high priority structurally deficient bridge projects. Maintaining the schedule was especially impressive considering the stream restoration and associated ESC design were being performed by consultants not on our contract. The initial scope included WTB designing the approach roadway and SHA OOS designing the bridge in house. After the TS&L stage, OOS handed the bridge design over to WTB as a task modification with an extremely condensed schedule to meet the ad date.  In addition to John’s roadway team, both Jen Myers and Alex King worked very hard to meet the tight schedule. During Final Design, WTB closely coordinated with MNCPPC for the work within the Stream Valley Park, Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department for the dry standpipe, and WSSC for the adjacent water treatment facility. During construction WTB attended the progress meetings, and quickly and efficiently addressed any contractor RFI’s to avoid any delays in construction.

I-895 Bridge Project – Model Award for projects over $5 M (MDTA)

The Canton Viaduct and Baltimore Harbor Tunnel (I-895 Bridge Project) was a very challenging project from the study phase, field testing and evaluation, final design, and finally construction, spanning from 2013 to 2020. Ignamara put a tremendous effort into the project. She spent many nights (9 pm to 5 am) in the tunnel along with Galo Bowen and Justin Wingerd when a tube was shut down for maintenance to complete the field testing evaluation and hands-on inspection of the retaining walls and structures along the approach ramps to the tunnel, and the tunnel deck. The design phase included developing a one-of-a-kind precast concrete drainage system, a latex modified concrete overlay for the tunnel deck, many other remedial repairs, and a sequence of construction. During construction, MDTA only allowed the contractor a 60 day closure per tube with a significant incentive/disincentive clause in the contract, so when an RFI was submitted, the contactor and MDTA required a timely response, which Ignamara delivered. In addition to the tunnel work, Krista Ziegenfuss and Cody Harnish developed a girder erection plan and report for the Canton Viaduct, a 19-span northbound bridge, and a 18-span southbound bridge being constructed in two stages. The erection plan needed to account for many challenges including various railroads, utilities, I-95 ramps, local streets and businesses, and a portion of the viaduct which crossed under I-95 with low overhead clearance. The erection plan was used to prove the existing structure could be removed and the new viaduct constructed within the tight clearances at the site and was an extremely challenging assignment requiring intense coordination with many stakeholders as the bridge design progressed.

I-895 Bridge Project – MdQI Project of the Year

The MdQI Project of the Year for projects over $5M is the top award presented at the conference and the winner is selected from all the MDOT / Municipal conference award winners. Thanks to everyone at WTB who helped us earn this prestigious award.