Environmental Planning & Permitting Services

The Wilson T. Ballard Company provides a wide range of Environmental Planning & Permitting Services for various types of transportation-related projects, beginning with the initial planning phase and continuing through project design, construction and post-construction with compliance reviews. Our multifaceted environmental, engineering and planning staff work as a Team with federal, state, local and private clients, applying our broad knowledge of current environmental policy, laws and regulations to implement successful projects.

Our experienced Environmental Services Staff consists of Professional Engineers (PEs), American Institute of Certified Planners (AICPs), wetland delineators and DNR Qualified Professionals (QPs) that have established valued and trusted relationships with regulatory resource agencies (e.g., USACE, EPA, MDE, DNR, CAC) along with State and County staff (e.g., SHA, MTA, MDTA, M-NCPPC, County Planning and Department of Public Works) over the years.

Our Environmental Planning and Permitting services include:

Resource Inventories & Site Assessments

• Global Positioning Services (GPS) Survey & Mapping
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Desktop Inventories & Assessments
• Wetland and Stream Delineations
• Forest Stand Delineations/Forest Conservation Plans
• Habitat Assessments
• Water Quality Evaluations (e.g., macroinvertebrate sampling; MBSS)
• Rare, Threatened & Endangered Species
• Cultural Resources (historical and archeological) Coordination
• Phase I Environmental Site Assessment & Initial Site Assessment
• Socioeconomic (e.g., parks, libraries, emergency services)
• Environmental Justice


Technical Analyses & Environmental Documentation

• National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
• Maryland Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)
• Environmental Document Preparation (e.g., CE, EA/FONSI, DEIS/FEIS, Reevaluations)
• Planning & Environmental Linkages (PEL ) Studies (pre-NEPA)
• Feasibility Studies
• Avoidance, Minimization and Mitigation Reports (AMMR)
Air Quality Analysis
Noise Analysis
• Indirect & Cumulative Effects (ICE) Analysis
• Community Effects Analysis
• Natural Environmental Effects Analysis
• Development of Memorandums of Agreements / Understanding
• Section 106 Coordination
• Section 4(f) Evaluations, including de minimis Coordination
• Section 6(f) Coordination
• Section 7 Endangered Species Biological Assessments
• Climate Change


Permitting, Mitigation & Compliance

• Environmental Permitting
• Agency Coordination
• Wetland Mitigation Design
• Independent Environmental Monitoring (during construction of stream, wetland or reforestation mitigation)
• Post-Construction Compensatory Mitigation Monitoring
• Compliance Reviews
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Coordination


Agency and Public Coordination

• Scoping Meetings
• Presentations to Stakeholders and Civic Associations
• Elected Official Briefings
• Public Workshops and Hearings
• Interagency Review Office and Field Meetings
• Project Mailing Lists
• Property Owner Notifications
• Project Newsletters and Website Material